Scavenger Hunting for Positivity Souvenirs

50 Good Things to Collect On Your Travels

Good Things.

Sometimes we’re so busy enjoying our positive moments that they slide by without our noticing them.

To increase your awareness of buy keflex cephalexin 500mg generic the good things in your life, go on a scavenger hunt for positivity souvenirs.

Here’s a list of the kinds of things to put in your basket of treasures:

  1. Something that made you laugh
  2. Something that made you proud
  3. Something that made you feel warmth for another person
  4. A good decision you made
  5. Something beautiful you saw
  6. Something delicious you ate
  7. Something you accomplished
  8. Something that made you feel a part of your community
  9. Noticing a negative feeling or thought and letting it go
  10. An act of generosity you witnessed or performed
  11. A good habit you reinforced
  12. A new idea that excited you
  13. A goal you achieved
  14. Something you did that was fun
  15. Something that made you feel satisfaction
  16. Something that inspired you
  17. An act of kindness that you witnessed or performed
  18. Something that made you feel compassion
  19. A time when you really listened to someone
  20. Moments when you were mindful/aware
  21. Giving or receiving a gift
  22. Times of spiritual connection (meditation/prayer/ritual)
  23. Something you celebrated
  24. A beautiful fragrance you smelled
  25. Taking good care of your body
  26. Taking time to relax
  27. Getting enough sleep
  28. Something that made you feel confident
  29. Something you did really well
  30. Telling someone how awesome they are
  31. Staying calm in a potentially upsetting situation
  32. A moment when you appreciated someone else’s achievements
  33. Listening to really great music
  34. Saying no to a temptation
  35. Engaging in a hobby or sport you enjoy
  36. Something you did to help someone
  37. Getting something done you have been putting off
  38. Telling someone sincerely that you love them
  39. A moment that encouraged you
  40. Encouraging someone else
  41. Giving or receiving a hug
  42. Something that made you feel capable or competent
  43. Making good headway on a project
  44. Smiling at strangers
  45. Trying something new
  46. Improving something in your environment
  47. Seeing something worthy and new in a familiar acquaintance
  48. Doing something you were afraid to do
  49. Doing something creative
  50. Something that made you feel reverence, gratitude or awe

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