If You Want to Change Your Life

Good intentions aren't enough. Reading about how to change, or dreaming about what to change isn't enough. To materialize a change–to give it existence in your material world–you have to pull the intention or dream from the realm of thought into the realm of doing.

Reaching for the Rainbow“If you want to change your life, you have to change your life.”  The first time I heard that sentence, the profundity of it struck me so strongly I almost literally fell off my chair.  It was one of the major “Doh!” moments of my life.

Oh sure, I read the truism about doing the same thing and expecting different results a hundred times.  It was one of those things I thought I knew—just because I had heard it so often.  Fact is, I had fallen into the “I already know that” trap.

As I’ve mentioned before (and, trust me, will mention again and again), “I already know that” are the four most dangerous words in the English language when it comes to genuine self-growth.

Now suddenly, this restatement of the old truth in new words hit me right in the gut.

If I wanted to change, I actually had to make changes.  I had to stop doing some stuff and start doing other stuff in its place if I wanted to make my life different.  I had to let go of a piece or two of an automatic routine in order to make room for a new behavior.  I had to trade some familiar turf for something new.

Moving into 3-D

Good intentions weren’t enough.  Reading about how to change, or dreaming about what to change wasn’t enough.  To materialize a change—to give it existence in your material world–you have to pull the intention or dream from the realm of thought into the realm of buy online zovirax cream doing.  You have to usher it across the threshold from the dimension of ideas into the living 3-D world.  At it’s base, that’s what trans-form literally means—to carry something across that line that separates one form and another.

Grasp that and you have the ultimate key to creating a life that mirrors your best dreams.

In your dreams, are you feeling joy?  Appreciation?  Gratitude?  Are you strong and vibrant?  Proactive?  Creative?  Dynamic?  Is your life filled with enthusiasm and meaning?  Are your relationships intimate and alive?

What would you like more of in your life?  Health? Mindfulness? Optimism?

One Little Thing

Here’s what to do.  Spend a little time thinking about what the parts of your life that you would most like to make better.  (You can use the Dream Creation Diagram as a guide.)  Think about how it would be if your Best Self were expressing fully in that arena.  How would it look?  How would it feel?  How would it be different from the way you’re operating now?

Then commit yourself 100% to moving in the direction of your ideal.  Pick one little action you can begin today that expresses the way you want to be experiencing that part of your life.  One. Little. Action.  And do it every day until it’s a natural part of your day.  Stick with it.  That’s what 100% commitment means.  No waffling.  No giving in to the old pattern.  No days off.  And absolutely no quitting; you get right back on the horse if you fall off.

Use whatever self-development tools you know that appeal to you to move you toward you chosen ideal.  Start studying about the behavior or attitude you want to adopt.  Look for models.  If you can’t find one, make one up.  Daydream about it.  Journal about it.  Focus on it in your meditation.  Make a vision board.  Develop a tracking system.  Use affirmations and positive self talk.  Let it become your magnificent obsession.

And every day, do your One Little Action–your one little, gentle, simple action–no matter what.  Because if you want to change your life, see, you have to change your life.

*          *          *

For another way to get started on making changes–and building your positivity at the same time–see our Best Self Positivity Practice.


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