Upgrade Your Game: A Challenge


One of the things coaches like to do every now and then is challenge their players to push their limits, to reach a bit higher than they think they can. It wakes something in the players. It makes them dip into their reservoirs of power to add an extra jolt to their game.

Earlier this week, I noticed that August is just around the corner, and I decided to issue myself a 122-Day Challenge to see what I could achieve in the remaining weeks of the year. And I gotta tell you, that flash of a decision pulled me right out of my summer doldrums. Life took on a whole new charge for me.

It was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with you. So let me offer you a 122-Day Challenge to see what you can accomplish between now and December 31st.

The Game Plan

Here’s the game plan: Take some time each day between now and August 1st to give some focused thought to five things you want to upgrade in your life. Pick things that you know would make a real difference in the overall quality of your life, things you have wanted to do but haven’t got around to doing.

You can probably pick five things right now; you do know what they are. Just ask yourself—sincerely, as if you were asking someone from whom you really wanted an answer—and see what comes up. If you’re stuck, consider how things are going in these life domains for some clues:

• Health
• Career
• Finances
• Relationship with Partner
• Family
• Friends
• Fun/Recreation
• Physical Environment
• Community
• Spirituality

After you have your five projects identified, put them in priority harder—the most important first. What would make the biggest difference? Start working on that one on August 1st, and keep at it all month or until you’ve successfully completed it. Start working on the next one September 1st, and so on.

Decide that you’re going to devote yourself to it ruthlessly—and to work on it with joy, because it’s going to impact your whole life in a beautifully positive way.

Tips for Success

To keep yourself motivated, try making a mental movie of yourself easily making progress. Give the movie a title, “Joey Cleans the Garage,” and see the title in big glowing letters. Imagine a soundtrack for it that captures how you’ll feel when you see the final result—something uplifting, maybe playful, or soothing, or energizing. I’ve used the original Star Wars theme in some of mine. It always makes me feel powerful and up to the task. Play your movie to yourself at night as you go to sleep, setting an intention to make progress on your selected task the next day. Even better, identify for yourself exactly what you’ll do and how you’ll do it, and play that as a scene in your movie.

Find your own pace. Do something, however small, every day. Use the days between now and August 1st to figure out where you’ll take the time. What will you give up? TV? Online time? Phone time? If you commute, use some of your travel time to think about your next steps. Think about it while you’re standing in line or waiting for an appointment. Let it become your personal glorious obsession.

I heard a neuroscientist today say that our brains actually change depending on where we focus our thoughts. We sensitize our amygdalas to be aware of positive experiences when we focus on positive thoughts. So think about your project as a wonderful opportunity to become more of the person you want to be, to actualize more of your potential.

Imagine how you’ll feel going into the New Year with five months of spectacular achievements under your belt. Imagine the momentum you’ll have created!

Up for it? You have nine days to prepare. Why not? Join me! And let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear what projects you choose and what progress you’re making. I’m going to finish writing a novel. And that’s just my August plan. I’ll give you a report in September to let you know how it worked out.

Wishing you the daring to accept!



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